MODEL:  Yamaha PSR-350
Bought Dec. 28, 2001 at Steve's Music Store, Toronto, Canada, for CDN $550.
Stolen some time between August 9-14, 2003.

DISTINCTIVE FEATURE:  gold-coloured phono-plug adapter placed in the footpedal jack.  Footpedals do not require an adapter; I just put the adapter there for storage.

ALSO STOLEN:  Yamaha AC transformer (floorbox type); X-shaped keyboard stand, adjustable; black vinyl padded keyboard bag; and 2 boxes of diskettes with assorted files of MIDI music playable in the keyboard.  Stolen without the instruction manual.

REWARD:  If recovery results in the arrest of those responsible, $100 or whatever you paid for the keyboard and/or accessories, used.

If discovered, please contact:

--the Toronto Police Services, 55 Division, at (+1) 416-808-5500,
--or phone me as a "collect call" (reverse the charges) at (+1) 416-203-6109, or E-mail me.   The theft of this and many other apartment items is police case number 2003-144687.

It's still not too late to turn yourself in, thief!  If you steal a keyboard, this might happen to you.

--Pierre Savoie
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